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Our team of service designers is growing. This year, most of us attended the SDinGOV conference which was online for the first time. Our design team mostly works with government organisations, so this conference was full of learnings and inspiration for us.

pink frame with the conference logo and different areas to note what session you attended, the topics, highlights of the days, what ideas we came away with and how we might put this in practice. What new tools/approaches we would like to try and a quote of the day.
Template to reflect by Arooj Alim, service designer

Using Miro to reflect, coordinate and discuss

Conferences are very stimulating. A lot will resonate…

From empowering teams at work, to workers taking back control and communities getting together to lead the change they want to see happen.

demonstrators wearing yellow vests, some seating, some standing, protesting in from of the ‘Arc de Triomphe’ in Paris
Gilets jaunes sit on the Champs Élysées — Photograph: Christian Hartmann/Reuters

Quite often, you hear/read about a concept somewhere, and then it keeps popping up elsewhere. Recently, for me, it was about people self-organising to reach their goals.

Agile works better when the team is really empowered

Stéphanie Krus

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